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Americansinglesdating com

But it wasnt until she was 55 that she began her most serious crimes. : Give Him a Lethal Amount of Benzodiezapene, Hit Him With the Car, Hit Him With the Car Again In 1988, living on Prince Edward Island, Millie took up with widower Gordon Stewart.

She and Russell Sheppard werent divorced until May 1991, but she wed Stewart in ceremonies in Vancouver and Las Vegas in 1990.

The authorities also regarded Melissa Friedrich with suspicion.

Records show that she held multiple prescriptions for Lorazepam, a potent, fast-acting benzodiazepine.

George Megeny, a justice of the peace, had seen Millie on a CBC documentary about her alleged crimes, The Widows Web.Fred Weeks, 75, had lost his wife of half a century just 18 months earlier.He kept himself busy with cribbage games and karaoke outings, but he was lonely.Floridas Manatee County Sheriff investigated her for doctor shopping and prescription fraud, but by the end of 2004 the county decided it didnt have enough evidence to prosecute her. More Love, More Benzo, More Money In November 2004, Melissa Friedrich returned to Florida to meet with Alex Strategos, one of several men with whom shed corresponded on American Singles By then, Canadas Department of Human Resources Development had started its own investigation into Melissa Friedrichs possible involvement in Old Age Security fraud, alleging that shed bilked the government of over ,000. Not only did she move into the divorced Pittsburgh accountants Pinellas Park apartment the night of their first date, but the usual pattern of accidents and ill-health began that very night when he went to the hospital with a head injury.

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