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Who needs the "five minds" that Gardner discusses in this brief (167 pages), jargon-free book?Well, you, for starters, because knowledge is expanding exponentially each year and if you are not actively engaged in some kind of lifelong learning, you are condemning yourself to the glue factory. "Intolerance or disrespect is no longer an option." 5)The ethical mind.And by "suffer" I don't mean the old chart that shows you how much more a college graduate earns over the course of a lifetime than a high school grad.In this new world, a college graduate who lacks what Howard Gardner calls "multiple intelligences" will be in the same boat as the high school dropout collecting an hourly wage at Jiffy Lube.Wait a minute: Isn't our problem that we're falling behind in science and engineering?Shouldn't we be launching a national campaign in the province of hard data? That's "a trap into which many enthusiasts of globalization fall." And then --- how cool is this?--- he dismisses America's favorite guru, Thomas Friedman, in a phrase.The well-rounded mind, the fully engaged life --- that's Gardner's grail. What's new is the notion that your personal survival depends on multi-disciplinary learning. He tells stories, tosses off anecdotes, quotes Major Minds. I can easily understand why --- the country is in crisis, and a lot of that crisis has been deliberately manufactured by people motivated more by personal gain than societal good.

As a result, Jerry and Theresa do not remember Justin, Alex and Max (Jake T. The children will gradually forget their past as a result, and then disappear forever.

And, of course, your kids, because as sure as "the children are our future," they must learn to survive in a world far more demanding than ours. Learn at least one discipline --- a ten-year process --- or you're "destined to march to someone else's tune." 2)The synthesizing mind. So you can work for more than self-interest and improve the quality of life for all. Because, says Gardner, these minds are at a premium now.

So without conscious, continuing, multi-disciplinary education, it looks grim for you and your kids. As information floods in, you need to connect, understand and evaluate information from disparate sources. Their scarcity suggests they're likely to be even more highly prized in the future.

Jerry explains that they will only be allowed to use spells involving the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air).

The winner will become a full wizard, and the loser gets nothing while losing their powers forever.

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Theresa remembers him slightly, and realizes that they were telling the truth.