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I Abaga, Mr P (Peter of PSquare) and Bisola with refreshing Coffee mocktails & cocktails creations designed to give a full rounded sensual experience to every one.

‘Coffee Food Music’ is designed to make Lagosians experience an alternate world that is void of the usual hustles and bustles, a day of Soul soothing music by singing Chefs like Chef Fregs, Dumebi and Alex, indulgent healthy mouth watering indigenous dishes prepared by Cooking Musicians like Waje, M.

You have to chat for a good while to get to know them before you can consider meeting up.

It is almost like a widely accepted rule of ‘you can see but you cannot touch’. Initially the stigma of meeting people online was one to be scared of because it made people imagine the worse of our desperation.

These were the days when it was a lot more difficult to tell if you weren’t talking to a 50 year old drag queen posing as a 21 year old bombshell.

Lord help you if you sneeze and Like that picture from three years ago by mistake.

But despite all this random Likes we give and receive, there seems to be something rather socially unacceptable about meeting people online.

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You can scheme through comments from friends, Google the name, check out how regular they post, if they have family and friends in the picture, track them through different social networks…basically there is enough to soothe your investigative paranoia.