Dating after bilateral mastectomy

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Dating after bilateral mastectomy

Then i took her to dalview hospital where they treated me as a private patient because discovery refused to take her in because im on a 3 months probation period. Hi There, please kindly assist me as I have made an arrangement with Discovery Medical Aid to help me with having a medical aid. Thanks CJ Coetzee i have medical aid with Bonitas for the past three years, never logged a claim before the 15 th May 2017 after an accident , i was admitted to hospital on the and discharged on the 17th, i queried 1 bill that was not Paid to the Hospital , Ref no 060717QD2y6R on the 6th july 2017 which still has not been paid to date, i am now receiving call from Attorneys regarding the claim which has not been paid.

Fine all went well not till i went to a personal financial crisis. I'm a government employee using Gems Medical Scheme now my baby has been admitted on Saturday due to Acute Tonsillitis and she has fever,diarrhoea,oral thrush,she cnt swallow so she nxt take oral medication she needs iv medication says the main reason for admission now Gems declined to pay for admission now I already owe Akasia hospital R13 000 excluding the Dr and Lab. Bonitas medical aid refuses to pay the hospital,claiming that Hip replacement is not a PMB condition.

They have referred me to an incompetent company called Creditworx debt collection for monies that were paid long time ago. Good day, Pharmacy Diect delivered my medication x 3 months supply, the medication is changed, this ok d by doctor.

I have tried 15 different ones and Lypogen gives me no side effects.

Ref no 131017QFFHMV and 161017QFH7YP remain unattended to and/or ignored!!! As stated many times before no words can describe how bad your service is and how bad my feeling towards your company is.

This is really pathetic service from Bonitas Bonitas... It is not a case like Adele would say "I wish nothing but the best for you..." on the contrary. I have honestly not had 1 pleasant experience with you.

In August Bestmed to a debit order on my name from my private account without my permission 3 mounths later.

I am trying to get a letter from Bestmed for a wail with no response I just ask for a letter on a letterhead to say my...

Without doubt, Discovery Health has been providing with good service and very happy with them generally.My youngest daughter was taken in to emergancy for broncospasm on saterday evening after she could not breath earlier the day and the paramedics nubulized her at the school.Then i took her to my gp and gave her the medisine he pridcribed she started vomating later and her eys and face swole up.Phone them about it and they said that they will correct it and notify me its done!They send me mgs that its been corrected but when they send me the certificates all details was still wrong!!

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When I joined your pathetic medical aid I advised everything regarding my bipolar disorder should be...

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