Dating kilkenny

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Dating kilkenny

It is normally performed between 21 - 24 weeks gestation as this is the best opportunity during pregnancy to examine all the anatomy of your baby in great detail.

It is not necessary for you to have a full bladder for this scan.

You may have a scan earlier in pregnancy if you are experiencing complications in the pregnancy such as bleeding or if you have a history of miscarriage .

When you arrive at Women’s Health Group you will be met by a member of our administration team.

There are two types of early pregnancy scans; an abdominal scan and a transvaginal scan.

An abdominal scan is performed by placing the transducer onto the abdomen of the patient. The process of abdominal scan is non invasive and painless.

Like an abdominal ultrasound a TVS is not painful but may be a little uncomfortable.

The anatomy scan is a transabdominal scan and is non-invasive procedure.

When you arrive at Women’s Health group you will be greeted by a member of our administration team.

You will need to have a full bladder for an early pregnancy scan.

Drinking about one pint of water one hour beforehand is normally sufficient to fill the bladder.

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Early Pregnancy Scan - What To Expect At Women’s Health Group A scan in early pregnancy is usually performed in the first trimester between 7 - 12 weeks gestation.

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