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Kramer and Jerry at his apartment Kramer: That's just because your a jackass. Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: Okay a little jealous now.

Mysterious, obsessive users are exploiting a little-known loophole in Wikipedia to turn March 4 and 27 into the most significant days for human beings in the history of the world, a Vocativ analysis has found.

The birthday shared by the greatest number of people deemed noteworthy enough to rate a Wikipedia page is March 27.

The date most people listed on Wikipedia have died? By Wikipedia’s count, 821 people were born and 432 people died on March 27.

“Along with the surprising outcome that the maximum for the birth dates occurs on the same day as the maximum of the death dates, there are other highly unusual properties of these statistics.

For birth dates, the gap between the maximum at 821 and the second order statistics of 637 is much greater than would be predicted from a standard probabilistic model.

In order to Find Games for the Si OS Super Nintendo Emulator on i Phone follow some simple guidelines given below: Apple is going to block the loophole that allowed people to play classic video games and run unapproved apps on i OS 8 in its upcoming beta version i OS 8.1.

But unsurprisingly, the emulator community isn't too happy about this.

“The only insight I can offer is skeptical: Who came up with the data and how did they arrive at their conclusions?If you are a retro games lover and want to play it on your i Phone, a security loop in i OS 8 makes it possible for you to play classic SNES games on your i Phone, without the need to jailbreak your Apple devices.The loophole called the "Date Trick," found by Dario Sepulveda of the GBA4i OS team, is currently being used in the wild by the makers of emulators like GBA4i OS and SNES emulator since last year, allowing i OS users to downloaded and installed unapproved apps through the built-in Safari browser.So, if you love playing games without jailbreaking your i Devices, you should hold off on updating to i OS 8.1.Buzzbuzz Jerry: There has got to be some way to get back into Pisano's.

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Technically, by changing the device's date and time back at least two months on an i Pad or i Phone, it is possible to bypass the restrictions on unsigned apps, which allows Apple i OS users to easily run emulators without jailbreaking their devices.

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