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Jakarta live staile sek chat gratis

Consequently, such a huge population will undoubtedly have a role in the Jakarta slang evolution. Some prominent examples: However, many Indonesians of non-Chinese descent do not know the meaning of the transaction words above, probably with the exception of Goceng due to its usage on KFC Indonesia's advertising on their "Goceng" products, in which all "Goceng" menus are sold at the IDR 5000 price range.

Sometimes the word "perak", literally "silver", is used to describe small denominations of currency.

This was also an attempt among LGBT community to alter the word to become more "French-sounding" thus sounds more sexy, for example: Many slang particles are used in the end of a sentence.

For example, in Bandung, West Java, the local slang language contains vocabulary from the Sundanese language while the slang found in Jakarta tends to be heavily influenced by English or the old Batavian dialect (i.e.The latest method for transforming a word is to take a different word which has a similar sound.For example, the word mau (want), is replaced with the word mawar originally meaning rose.According to the Ethnologue, Indonesian is modelled after Riau Malay, a form of Old Malay originally spoken in Northeast Sumatra.Indonesian slang language is mostly spoken in urban regions of the Indonesian archipelago.

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" remains relatively unchanged as far as spelling and pronunciation are concerned.

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