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Jehovahs witness online dating

Many readers have communicated dreams of Rescue Crafts and rescue of individuals.These are prognostic dreams, and the Plan of Rescue is definitely on schedule.In 1985, as an incarnated member of the Team to rescue Viable Consciousnesses of the respective Classes from this planet, I stated that all life forms would be removed from Earth and that the planet would be totally destroyed no later than the year 2035.Here is an update to that process of which I am certain.Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written? I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members. Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!

Obviously this War of Essences is not a pushover for either side.

If we are to believe what we have been told, it has been going on since the start of the Physical Universe which is at least 13 billion years old.

Just prepare mentally for whatever the outcome may be.

If there is a slight delay, there is a slight delay.

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It is common to see one every now and then but it is most unusual to see groups of 5-6 at a time. I am sure they are from the effects of Planet X traversing the Solar System.