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On 1 January 2007, the municipality lost its short-lived (2003 until 2006) county status and became part of the Capital Region of Denmark.

The island is situated between 54°59'11" and 55°17'30" northern latitude and 14°45' and 15°11' eastern longitude.

The hunt is on to prove his innocence before it's taken from him for good.

In Thomas Vinterberg's superb psychological thriller, The Hunt, a town turns on its kindergarten teacher, Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen), from the erroneous testimony of a little girl, Klara (Annika Wedderkopp), who accuses him of molesting her.

Maybe more powerful is a sense of humor, which occurs occasionally in the film and is best exemplified when a friend, upon Lucas's return from police headquarters, shouts as Lucas embraces his son, "Hey!

If you fondle your kid, you'll go back to jail." It's gallows humor, but it is effective.

Unfortunately for him, young Klara has a run-away imagination and concocts a lie about her teacher.

Although Klara claims throughout she said a stupid thing and Lucas did nothing, his parents are convinced she is just reacting to the gravity and changing her story.There is a ferry departure mostly reserved for freight of goods between Rønne and Køge (5½ hour travel time).If there is capacity on a departure, "normal" passengers can come aboard.NEx TWORK er vores bud på en indsats, der skal hjælpe de udsatte unge i uddannelse eller job:… Der er rystende mange, der er opbygget således: Først afstandtagen, derpå et “men”, som mere end antyder, at det er Støjberg selv skyld i.

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Beyond the figurative display of crowd wrong-headed mentality is the disturbing suggestion that at any time a life can be turned upside down without even being responsible.