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While he experiences some attraction to adult women, he only fantasizes about pubescent boys -- and none of his family or friends know. Devin is the co-founder of a new organization for men like himself: Virtuous Pedophiles.“We do not choose to be attracted to children, and we cannot make that attraction go away,” reads the group’s Web site.(Edwards is a pseudonym, and so is Devin.) Even still, he asked me to promise that I wouldn't turn our chat over to "hacker types" who could determine who he is.Edwards, who raised three daughters of his own but never experienced any attraction to them, says he would never cross that line, “even if there was a zero percent chance I would be caught,” because of the damage it could do to the child. Het is helaas mogelijk dat Awel niet onmiddellijk antwoordt... Onze medewerkers maken zo snel als kan tijd voor jou.Mocht je dit tegenkomen, probeer het dan zeker nog eens opnieuw.Devin and Edwards posted an anonymous plea on the site from a 20-year-old man struggling with attraction to young girls.

“I refuse to let my problem become someone else's problem.” It doesn’t hurt that he’s “always had a very good life -- lots of friends, close family, loving wife and children, academic accomplishments, athletic accomplishments, a good career.” There is too much to lose.

“Even the friendships I have are in danger of falling apart because I can't just keep saying ' I'm fine,' and I can't talk to anyone about my problem.

I think about suicide a lot.”There is plenty of community to be found online for pedophiles who are not so adamant about the harmfulness of child abuse.

Ethan Edwards, the 57-year-old co-founder of Virtuous Pedophiles, is attracted to girls as young as four and has sexual fantasies about them, but says he’s never abused a child.

“I basically have no problem avoiding abusing anyone,” he told me. When I'm with a child, I'm attuned to her and could never lose sight of the danger to her of anything I did.”Our conversation took place through Google chat because he feared that a telephone interview might expose his true identity.

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James Cantor, a clinical psychologist and editor in chief of the scientific journal “Sexual Abuse,” says, “In my clinic, roughly half of the people who commit an offense against a child is pedophilic.

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