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You can buy tickets to see their current, holiday-themed show live here.

Modern-day dating makes it very easy to F up any relationship before it's even started, but they've figured it out. Don't go on The Bachelor--read this damn book." --Jenna Burke, ABC's The Bachelor contestant, season 16"Serious laughs and lessons throughout. O., this book articulates why you keep finding yourself alone on national holidays!For example, the authors acerbically illustrate the perils of failing to accept a blow off by reading too much into text messages received during a “mobile love affair.” Riddled with doubt as a text-savvy friend deconstructs emojis tacked onto a curt, lackluster message sent after a love interest skips out on birthday plans, “you wish you could just call Tommy and ask him what was up—no need to interpret tone or intention. Text messages are quick, easy, and impersonal, three things very appealing to members of your generation.” While always encouraging reasonable use of technology—“use all of the tools, websites, apps, friends, family, co-workers, and boob selfies at your disposal to find your dream guy”—alongside more real-time interpersonal interaction, Lane and Spera also advocate for dressing one’s age, providing a witty “Know Your Stores” shopping guide and noting that “21-year-old feathers do not make 21-year-old birds.” They also take a liberating stance on when to consummate a relationship: “The nation is being fed lies by women’s magazines and pop culture.It is left to us to reverse the establishment and claim the ‘sex date’ to be any date we so choose!This is a must-read for both singletons and those who have found their happy-ever-afters." --Publishers Weekly"Laura and Angela wrote the fuck out of this book. It's really funny and makes me very happy that I haven't been single in 21 years.If you want to laugh and find out what's wrong with you, buy this book." --Joel Mc Hale, star of Community and host of E!

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" --Jordan Carlos, panelist on MTV's Girl Code and reporter on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore"A hilarious and original take on dating with sketch-inspired stories and advice....

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