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Where to get free sex partner in ethiopia

Health workers there know the important role access to local health care providers plays in increasing knowledge around family planning while simultaneously removing barriers.

Women in the United States have generally relied on birth control pills and condoms to prevent pregnancy.

"In the past, most women had to travel long distances to the nearest clinic, maybe walking three or four hours," said Asnake.

"For a woman with lots of household responsibilities, it is difficult to travel so much." But by visiting community members' homes, health extension workers are able to bridge the service gap between clinics and communities.

These methods tend to have high failure rates: Condoms can break, and women can forget to take the Pill at the exact same time each day.

For a continent continually lambasted for its failure to empower women, this initiative is truly remarkable — women are trained and paid to provide contraception to other women.In many cultures, large families are still considered an asset or source of wealth, which can lead to women having too many children without properly spacing pregnancies."Using contraception can be subversive for women," said Lester Coutinho, the family planning deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.For doctors on the ground, it's not hard to see why women would prefer longer-acting methods.Once placed, implants and IUDs last for at least three years without any action on the part of the patient.

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"There is a lot of stigma against adolescents using contraceptives and about having sex," said Dr.